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Getting rid of bed bugs is a very difficult task and the pests will remain if they’re unsuccessfully treated. Bed bugs are known to live in places where they can hide in very small locations. There are essentially five steps to a bedbug program, and the actual treatment stage is only one of the five steps. These steps include:


Inspections for bedbugs are important for several reasons. Many times, people get bites, rashes, welts or irritations and automatically associate that with bed bugs. A proper inspection will identify if it is bed bugs that have infested your home, ensuring that you’re getting the proper treatment. Once we have confirmation, your whole house will be inspected and treated. You can never assume that the bed bugs have been confined to one room. If you live in an apartment building or condominium, your neighbouring suites will be checked as well.


Once an inspection’s been done, we will provide you with a full inspection report. The inspection report would also identify the structural components throughout the home. From there, we can anticipate how bed bugs might be travelling or will travel once we treat your residential space. We also teach you about bed bug biology, behaviour and other basic facts about bed bugs. This is to ensure you’re doing the right things to ensure they don’t return.


After the treatment plan has been accepted and the preparations have been done, you’re ready to have your home treated for bedbugs. We’ll monitor the progress and make sure that your bed bug problem remains gone long after we’ve finished treating your home.


Bed bug monitors are placed in strategic areas such as behind beds, bedroom furniture, etc. We keep up with progress about one week after placement to see if there is still evidence of activity.


Our follow-up treatment does not include the use of any chemical applications, and focuses on the information provided to us by the occupants and bed bug monitors. If no activity is found or reported, a thorough inspection and further vacuuming of any bed bug evidence would be done. Give us a call today to learn more.

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