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At S.C.A.T! Pest Control, we deal with mice and rats before they become a larger issue. If they aren’t dealt with in time, rats and mice could compromise the structure of your home or business. They also pose numerous health risks. By sneaking into your crawlspaces, attics and garages, they can easily sneak into food, especially at night.


With the ability to climb through most surfaces, mice are capable of fitting through most openings. We offer two methods of mouse control at S.C.A.T! Pest Control. The first method is called baiting, where we set up tamper-resistant bait stations that contain rodenticide. The second method is trapping, where we place traps in safe areas where mice frequent. Mice can pose potential damage in many ways.


Rats often pose the same health risks. We offer traps, which we place in safe areas where rats frequent but away from small children and pets. We will provide free estimates for screen work to keep rats out. In addition, we handle spore clean up and disinfection as well as mouse dropping anti-virus clean up. Give us a call and set up an appointment.

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